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The Healthy Alternative to Assisted Living, Nursing Home and Memory Care Facilities




“The Model for the Future…” – NBC Nightly News





NBC Nightly News Report on our first campus in Portland, Oregon (Oatfield Estates of Elite Care)



    Autumn Blossoms Rendering, Naples, FL – 1st Phase



    Preliminary Site Plan (Phase 1 and Phase 2)



    What makes us so unique?


    Our Household Design

    Our extended family household model eliminates the barriers to independence, relationship building and happiness. These barriers include large institutional buildings, long confusing hallways, big centralized kitchens, impersonal dining areas and locked units, which compose today’s traditional assisted living and nursing home facilities. We provide an intimate and friendly home environment that maximizes safety while encouraging independence.

    Our “BIP” Culture

    BIP stands for Belonging, Influence and Purpose and it is the essence of Autumn Blossoms. BIP culture empowers our residents to maximize their living experience and independence.  We encourage our residents and staff to forge strong bonds of friendship and participate in a broad range of activities.  Nutrition and diet are an important part of our culture. Our residents take an active role in the planting, gardening, planning and preparation of their food. Our high resident to nurse/care assistant ratio allows residents to focus on living life while we promote health and assist as needed in everyday activities.

    Our Proprietary Technology

    Our proprietary technology allows all caregivers, family, nurses, aides and doctors to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on a real time basis. Mobility monitoring gives residents freedom and eliminates the need for locked doors. Our care management platform software allows us to provide proactive responses on health related issues, as well as the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of our residents.


    Experience – 15 Years

    Autumn Blossoms is the end result of 15 years of experience in long-term care, by its founders Bill Reed and Lydia Lundberg, who also founded and own Elite Care of Portland, Oregon. Bill and Lydia are national leaders in the household model of long-term care and have had many articles written about their unique concepts of design and culture, as well as their advanced proprietary technology. Autumn Blossoms is the next generation of the Elite Care Model and the national growth platform for the Company.

    Superior Results

    We measure our success by the happiness of our residents, the satisfaction of our families and our superior achievements in resident wellness. Since its inception in 2000, Elite Care / Autumn Blossoms has achieved 90% reduction in hospitalizations, compared to national averages of similar status populations living in traditional assisted living and nursing home facilities.

    How do we achieve these results?





    – 15 residents per household with dedicated staff

    – Full time RN Care Manager

    – Licensed nurses on duty 24/7

    – One chef for every 15 residents

    – One activities coordinator for every 15 residents

    – On personal assistant caregiver for every 8 residents





    – Intimate, homelike environment

    – No long hallways

    – Family style kitchen and dining area

    – Spacious private suites

    – Two bedroom suites available

    – Large, screened outdoor seating areas


    Contact: Cristofer Kelo

    Phone:  (239) 529-6300


    Address:  1010 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 303, Naples, FL 34102



    Rae & Luisa

    All that you have created in your resident-centered environments focuses on the dignity of each individual.  This is reflected in the family-style aesthetic, the organic gardens and the functional aspects that serve the needs of seniors.  Yet it is the day-to-day interactions and care your staff provided that made our mother feel that Ranier House was her true home and her extended family. As she always said, “I’m so lucky to be here.  This is a good place.”

    Rae & LuisaDaughters of Resident

    The most important thing I like about Autumn Blossoms is that it is like the Residents’ home. They have their own big kitchen where everyone can sit together.  I’ve never seen an assisted living place like this.  The caregivers make the Residents feel at home here.  They have the love, the care, the safety and everything that they need.

    The Wall Street Journal

    “one of the best examples of applied technology in U.S. long-term care”

    The Wall Street JournalLink to Article

    To me Autumn Blossoms is not just a job or a paycheck, it is a way of life.  It is a better life, where differences are accepted and people are loved and cared for and they know it, and are genuinely happy with everyday life.  A place where the smiles and positive attitudes are real; not mandatory, but contagious.