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Belonging Purpose When I feel part of a group I feel better.
When I am not reminded that I am part of larger picture, I become upset.
When my daughter doesn’t visit me at least twice a week I get sad.
If I have no contact with other people during a day, I am sad.
(If Hal contacts me will it count as another person?)
I expect that at least one of my sons will call otherwise the next day I will sleep in longer due to depression. If Family or Friends post new pictures to the web portal I feel happy, 
More activity during the day more time in the kitchen makes me happy
Little activity makes me feel, sad more time in the bedroom. Influence If no one listens to me I will not feel good about myself
If I am not asked my opinion at least once a week, I will become depressed.
If I am not included in conversations about me, I get upset.
If I am in the Drs Office and they talk about me instead of to me I will not want to eat dinner. Purpose When there is no reason for me to get up in the morning, I don’t get up.
When there is no reason to take care of myself, then I don’t take care of myself.
When I don’t (take dog for walk, feed bird, water plant etc) I am either physically or mentally impaired. I am upset on the day that my dog died because I can no longer feed him.