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Triple bottom line Triple bottom line accounting is meant to measure economic, social and environmental impacts of a business. Economic: The ability to sustain and grow a business activity is directly related to the ability to have a good return on one’s investment. We define this as A minimum of cash on cash on capital invested An appreciation of base assets that keeps pace with inflation A yearly increase in cash on cash to maintain a hedge on inflation A NOI after all expenses including mortgage payments of at least 12% before taxes Social: The ability to positively affect the wellbeing of community stakeholders. We use Happy Days as our currency to measure success in creating a safe, sound, and engaging environment for elders, staff and family members. These groups are chosen because of their greatest potential benefit from an increase in happy days. Elders in their last 7 years of life who need help in activities of daily living, and may otherwise live in a locked facility due to short term memory loss. Staff members who may otherwise work in an alienating environment. Family members who experience anxiety and guilt in supporting their loved ones through the aging experience. In a Happy Day the individual’s sense of Belonging, Influence, and Purpose (BIP) are fulfilled. Our quality metrics reflect our success in fulfilling BIP requirements and supporting the individual’s: Belonging: ability to identify with the organization and see themselves as a piece of the bigger picture; Influence: influence over their environment and the group they belong to; Purpose: need to understand and be acknowledged for the difference they make in their community. In practice we have discovered the following elements of happy days, which have been transformed into quality metrics and monitored. Happiness goals for each 2 house model. Given that metrics are met.. 24 residents 85% happier than otherwise =20 happy days 16 employees 60% happier 5 days week=4 happy days /day 4 family members piece of mind day= 4 happy days /day Total happy days per day per 2 house model day=28, month=840, year= 10220 Contributing to social wellbeing of the greater community: Providing 6 safe affordable housing units that would otherwise not be available. Environmental impacts / sustainability Reduce the average amount of energy used per resident to 25% of the normal Reduce the average amount of non reclaimed water to 25% of normal Reduce the amount of chemicals that are used to 25% of normal Through organic gardening and food purchases Through native plants and low impact landscaping Through housekeeping activities Reduce the amount of waste through recycling to 50% of normal