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Dealing with Dementia Remember this is nature’s way of dealing with our declines mentally physically and socially It’s not their problem but ours We control how well our parents function and how happy they are. Simple guide lines to successful dealing Never correct do not make the person wrong this cuts to their soul Never take it personally when we react our demeanor changes and confuses love ones Create simple consistent routines and repeat them day after day after day Find simple jobs that affect the families well being, once established do not change. Never change the location of things Simplify the environment –think of a farm house 100 years ago-delete the clutter Strengthen simple family rituals that give them a sense of belonging When they get agitated look for how we help make them wrong-stupid or useless Exercise-activities-activities a good sleep allows them to be more present Go along with the flow Be happy they mirror our moods Habits and rituals allow them to be present Communication is only 13% verbal if we react to their decline we are in fact speeding the decline They may not know our name but they will remember our consistent actions hugs & Love Look for key words or objects that reorient them and gets to their old self’s