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Food and Diet As we age our sense of taste diminishes and our bodies no longer call out for food yet food is vital to our health. Without the proper nourishment we are much more susceptible to prolong bouts of sickness. Thus food has to be as much about fellowship as it is about nutrition. When food is presented in the traditional family way around a big table with everybody participating it becomes a familiar ritual that is easy for everybody to participate in regardless of abilities or cognitive level. Sitting at a big family table ignites the long term memory that allows everybody to actively participate.
We cook from scratch avoiding processed foods that have the nourishment cooked out of them. We strive for a balance diet using little salt and sugar while focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. “There are surprisingly few patterns of events in any one person’s way of life, perhaps no more than a dozen. If these few patterns are good for me, I can live well. If they are bad for me, I can’t” Christopher Alexander Meals: As we age eating becomes more and more about relationships and community. Is the atmosphere joyful, the conversations vibrant are guests and team members participating and bringing into the conversation the outside world.