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Exercise = use it or lose it Body Improve balance reduces fall risk
Improving strength reduces falls outcome
Keeping the internal system functioning better Mind Keeping the blood flowing
Enriching the blood with oxygen
Using it to stabilize and coordinate Soul Being as independent as possible
Reinforcing self efficacy
Being able to connect with physical environment Autumn blossom believes that moving is a key ingredient to wellness. Having a activities coordinator for every 12 residents facilitates everybody’s participation in daily activities every day. Residents are found ways to exercise in a natural setting doing natural things. Walking-gardening-helping in kitchen doing activities based on life experiences that rely on the crystal memory and are natural to one’s life experiences. Having a Physical Therapist or Occupational therapist help rehabilitate is great but without Simple consistent Routines that exercise the body and mind our bodies cannot repair and maintain. As we age our ability to move is directly related to our using our body each and every day. When you are young you never have to worry about the ability to do certain things but as you age when you stop doing certain things you can never start again.