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The intersection of time and space allows for relationships to happen. 
When the intersection is random and mindless the ability to create meaningful relationships diminishes. (it should be noted that a relationship can be with individuals or the environment)How does this relate to Elite Care and our mission? We are a relationship based care organization, where relationships are primary. It is through relationships that our elders get their security to have fun, their connectivity to have friendships, and their inner peace to have fellowship. We talk about the importance of temporal organizations as well as the need to have consistency in our spatial world. Are we fully understanding these concepts and applying them at Elite Care in a systematic and mindful way? Youth does not have the same need for consistency and routine that our elders have. As our minds mature we switch from relying on cognitive quickness that allows us to adapt quickly to the crystal memory (experience) (wisdom) that allows us to find solutions that are rooted in our past. (As we age our past is blurred with our present yet this gives us the anchors to manage and cope with our declines in mental abilities) Our world has become one of short retention spans. TVs instead of reading or radio, Video games instead of chess, snowboarding instead of cross country skiing, change and speed are part of the rush we get. Our coping skills are rewarded and enhanced by our success in dealing with this fast pace continuously changing environment. But what is good for us debilitates and marginalizes our sacred elders. One of the main studies that we looked at and model our environment around is the nun’s Study, where successful aging revolved around a very routine and consistent life. Both their temporal organization and spatial environment were fixed and predictable. This allowed them to have great relationships with their fellow nuns and their environment. Because they could reach back and use their crystal memory to support their decline in cognitive abilities, they were able to maintain their active involvement in their community giving them BIP Belonging Influence and Purpose.
What are we doing to utilize our knowledge of successful aging? Knowledge without action is wasting our precious resources and elders. “The discovery of place tracking neurons called grid cells, changes everything” James Knierim “American Indians actually visit specific landscape features to recall specific events of their past. History for us is a matter of documentation, but before writing it was a matter of memory-group memory”. By fixing the time, location and scripts of our encounters we enhance our elders ability to function at their highest level giving them the environment to contribute in an active and meaningful way. What are the important intersections for our residents, and how are we reinforcing their strengths? House meeting= Same place same day same format this gives them the grounding and confidence to participate and the security to reach into their crystal memory to contribute their wisdom and experiences. When we change anything they spend their time on coping with the change instead of participating. Touch base this weekly event allows for our residents to express their needs concerns both physical and emotional in a forum that is secure and safe. The same place same day same format allows them to prepare for the event, anticipate the questions and contribute to the event. Weekly house cleaning, same day same place same format (ritual) allows them to maintain their authority over their home apartment and be in control directing us on the proper way to clean their home. Breakfast ritual encourages group learning and town crying allows for the activities of the day to be understood and sold so that we are able to get maximum participation in the safety net of the group The more activities and events that we can fix in both time and space the happier and healthier our residents will be. Our elders are the great generation their sacrifices have made them scared without them we would not be, we need to be in service to them, to understand their needs and create an environment that cradles them in a safety net and allows them to work and play successfully to be at their full potential. We are about relationships and active living.
I know that we are still growing; improving and learning let’s try to take our knowledge and experiences and improve on the environments we create and the relationships that we build. Within this framework of SCR (simple consistent and routine) that preserves the limited bandwidth of our elders we need to have robust conversations that have open ended and anchor words that stimulate long term memory in a way that the residents can access their crystal memory and actively participate in the conversations. Bill