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Success Stories I have a story about Ruth who has a book of Ruth that she reads stories out of and sometimes they seem like stories and other times she makes them seem like little life lessons. It’s a cool thing that when you work here you think you’re helping the Residents but more often than not, it’s the other way around. The thing with Ruth is that she’s 96 years old and she has a sense of humor. She can tell some jokes that are funny and some that are way like dirty jokes that I didn’t even think she would know and she thinks they are hilarious. She loves comedy in all ways and she is always trying to make people laugh. Whenever we get somebody visiting, even a family member, she automatically asks if she can tell a joke or sing them a song. I love that she has that, especially at her age. She’s battled breast cancer and her husband’s passing. She says she was lucky to have had him. She’s one of the most optimistic, happy people I’ve ever known. -Derrick, PA I have noticed that when Residents come from a bad situation to Autumn Blossoms it is just a matter of time before you can see a complete transformation in their trust and their cheerfulness because the care givers take the time to talk to them. — Peggy, PA One of the many reasons I like working here is the “home like” setting. Some of the Residents have families that are able to visit often and are frequently staying to enjoy a meal, an outing, an activity or some good ol’ American tv watching. These Family Members often become part of the extended Autumn Blossoms family. Others do not have the luxury of families that visit often and bonds are created between the staff and Residents. Whether it be a staff member having a Resident over to their house for Thanksgiving, stopping for that hamburger and milkshake after an appointment, picking up warm fuzzy socks in a favorite color for those cold toes or sharing a pastry and coffee while looking at photos or talking about the hard day’s work, these things give the Residents their chance to be part of our family. These times, while they may be overlooked in your own life, are special moments that show the Residents we care and Autumn Blossoms/EC/Autumn Blossoms gives us the opportunity to take a time out and show our compassion towards our elderly.When I got to Autumn Blossoms, I got to spend a lot of time with Al and Franny. Al was pretty quiet and enjoyed dancing, so it was a lot of fun to turn on some music and cut a rug. He once said to me, “Dancing doesn’t need a lot, just move your feet and have fun”. Franny was always out in the garden or finding things he could stuff in his pockets. Franny was always up in the morning and looking for something to do. He loved black coffee and sweet things, so every day when I came in at 9:00 am I would bring a pastry and we would sit and drink coffee and share a pastry. Sometimes these two little breaks from work were the best part of my day. I sure do miss those guys. — Jamie, PA To provide consistency to our Residents and furnish myself with my morning break coffee, I rely on the graciousness of the staff at Jefferson House (who also happen to make very good coffee). Every morning, cleaned up from the garden but still wearing my red hat, I’d go and ask for coffee and say hello to everyone, usually with blank stares at best. One morning, it was different. A lovely Resident looked at me, smiled, and said, “Red!” She made my week! Since then, I’ve had many Residents respond to that red hat. Now I do my best to wear that red hat when I’m out and about. And, even better, when I go to make my morning coffee request, I get lots of smiles and “Good mornings!” – Laura, Groundskeeper Autumn Blossoms is different from all other companies because the setting is like a home setting. By this I mean we, the staff, can eat together with the Residents and we can communicate with them freely with respect and dignity. —Rovelyn, Personal Assistant