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Technology. Enhances Humanity The purpose of BIP Technology software The power of our software is to facilitate transformational change in a slow, pervasive, relentless, and consistent way, by automatically delivering the message and desired actions. Once set up this can work with little need for human intervention. This takes place on many levels with many ripple effects. Primary is the transparency that good data facilitates. When we believe that we are on a stage we act differently than if we think we are anonymous. (Let’s find a quote). Staff, family, friends are all on good behavior Problems are better able to be resolved equitability with a minimum of prejedus. We are forced to be mindful of our actions and think about how those actions affect the whole Short cuts and indifference have to be explained to the audience. When we practice our parts long enough, our actions become part of our routine IE we learn by doing Second is the democratization of health care. How we are able to digest information from various sources and allow all of the participants to engage in triaging potential solutions. The ability to bring documentation to discussions that allow your thoughts to be backed up by data and presented in a comprehensible way. The ability to link and search on line solutions to problems and the data that is accumulating. The ability to link with other people that have problems similar to yours and dialog with them on their solutions and outcomes. The accumulation of solutions based on similar data and inputs. Third the ability to facilitate and reinforce culture by using excess real estate that comes with good data to propagandize your mission vision and values. Understanding who you are dialoging with and how they receive information, then pushing your agenda using words and ideas that will resonate with them. Understanding your Mission Vision and Values and crafting messages and data in a format that reinforces your goals. Packaging jokes, quotes and parables from substantial individuals (using authority figures) to authenticate, legitimize your ideas. Facilitating BIP (Belonging Influence and Purpose) by delivering the right accolades and “One Minute Manager” to the right person, at the right time, in the right amount, in a language that resonates with the receiver. Creating or reuniting groups through the internet, using communication about similar circumstances, environments, problems, or common person. Creating personalized portals that respond to requests, changes in format, or changes in personal behavior. Allowing for participation by all members with connections to outcomes and one another. Enhancing relationships through the creation temporal and special schedules (coordination) Relationships are developed and enhanced in a safe environment that reduces stress and anxiety by having a certainty about when and where and how something is going to happen. Facilitating this by common calendars schedules and understanding of common themes. IE. We are able to be present with one another instead of worrying about the environment Enhanced communication through simple, consistent, and routine contact with all participants that deliver pertinent data in an engaging and personalized format with an outreach to engage and forward responses to appropriate parties either professional or personal