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Wellness We consider the entire being when we talk about wellness. Medical-spiritual-physical-mental and happiness all make up the parts that are important in looking at an individual. Too often in our society we silo on one aspect at the detriment of the others. Often because of cognitive biases we look at problems much to narrowly. When we talk about wellness we talk about giving each part of you being equal weight. Diet, exercise, love, happiness and medical all need to be considered when evaluating courses of action and the effect it has on ones being. Diet/Nutrition-Eating is as much about relationships as nutriments. At Autumn Blossoms we cook from scratch with love using organic and fresh ingredients whenever possible. It is hard to cook with love unless there is an intimacy between chef and resident. Thus the reason for the open kitchen with only 12 residents. Exercise-----is really about activities keeping the residents moving. Making sure they have good eventful days that allow them to fully function with activities that are exciting and purposefull. When you exercise well during the day you sleep well at night. Thus the reason for an Activities Coordinator for only 12 residents Mental----is about creating an environment that is Simple Consistent and Routine. One in which the resident is in control by understanding what is coming next and being able to prepare for it without stress and marginalization. Love------is about allowing the team and residents to grow found of each other and supporting everybody in a honoring and gentle environment. Medical ------is about being proactive understanding when changes are taking place and attending to those changes as they happen and before they become an incident. At Autumn Blossom we hold the wellness of our residents and staff as a sacred responsibility